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Frequently Asked Questions about Single-Stream Recycling in Summit County, Colorado

How do I change my credit or debit card information for automatic payments?

Access your account, see next question for further assistance in accessing your account.  Once inside your account, click on "My Subscriptions."


How do I access my account online?

When visiting on a laptop or desktop computer you will see a green bar running across the top of every page.  On the right side you will see a circle next a symbol that looks like a V.  Clicking on either of these icons will give you access to your account.


Can I suspend my service?

Garbage Gurus services run on a month-to-month basis.  While there isn't a suspension of service option, you may cancel your service without incurring any fees and may reorder your plan when you need your service to begin again without incurring any fees. 


Why can’t I recycle glass with Single-Stream Recycling?

Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP) does not allow glass in single-stream recycling.  Glass breaks into very small pieces.  Those glass shards get stuck in and contaminate other recyclable products and broken glass tears apart sorting machines used by SCRAP.  While proprietary technologies have appeared in the last five years or so to separate glass from other recyclables, this infrastructure and change is currently not supported by Summit County.  Putting glass into single-stream recycling in Summit County increases the hauling costs of recycling, is considered unacceptable contamination, and will turn your whole recycling cart into trash if noticed.  


What should I do with my glass?

Garbage Gurus uniquely offers a separate, residential, biweekly, glass-only recycling service.  We will collect your glass bottles and jars together in any color, no sorting required, in a glass-only tote, 14 gallons.  This must be pure recyclable glass bottles and jars.  Any compromised items mixed in with glass will automatically lead to the whole cart being reassigned to trash.

If you are unwilling to pay for Garbage Gurus Glass Recycling Service, you are strongly encouraged to self-recycle and take your glass to one of the following recycling centers located around Summit County:


Breckenridge:  284 Coyne Valley Rd, Open 24/7

Dillon:  Dillon Town Hall Parking Lot, Open 7 AM to 10 PM

Frisco:  County Commons next to CO State Patrol, Open 24/7

Summit Cover:  North parking lot at Elementary School – 1st week of every month


If you are unable or unwilling to recycle your glass, please bag it with your household trash.


Why do I see some of the same Garbage Gurus trucks used for recycling collection and trash removal?

Garbage Gurus collects and compacts recycling with the same trucks it uses for trash removal.  Rest assured, recycling and trash are collected on entirely different routes.  However, if recycling at a home has been commingled or otherwise improperly “dirtied,” then Garbage Gurus handlers will need to leave bad recycling behind on recycling days, and will then empty the bin into a truck on the next trash removal day.


What happens to my single-stream recycling in Summit County?

Single-stream recycling is transported from your home to the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) located at the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP).  Here your recycling is organized, baled, and then shipped to Denver.  In Denver the bales are sorted and directly sold to end users.  The material is only useful if it is clean and all the same type.  Otherwise, the material is thrown away, wasting time and money for both the MRF and the buyer.  When end users consistently purchase contaminated material from MRFs, they may stop sourcing recycled materials, undermining the purpose of recycling, due to economic reasons.  As a recycler, you help ensure the efficiency of the process by rinsing out your containers and by only recycling what is locally accepted.

I operate a Vacation Rental Home.  How can I trust vacationers to properly follow the local recycling rules for Summit County?

Repetition, visibility and consistency in messaging are key.  Garbage Gurus will supply your vacation home with written content to add to pre-stay emails, signs to add to your Welcome books, posters to hang near your garbage cans and recycling bins, and stickers to clearly label your cans.  All of this content will work hand-in-hand to educate guests as to local recycling guidelines and to inform your guests about what to expect from Garbage Gurus and when to expect it.

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