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Frisco, Colorado - Garbage Gurus trash & recycling removal


Share a Referral & Earn $20 When Your Referral Uses Garbage Gurus for Trash or Recycling Service

Make $20 just for knowing a vacation homeowner or resident in Summit County that may benefit by working with Garbage Gurus.  A new hauler offering curbside or valet, in-garage, trash & recycling services is available in Summit County.  Homeowners relying on similar services may save up to $420 or more in their first year. Garbage Gurus will pay anyone $20 for referring a customer to Garbage Gurus after the referred customer begins using a biweekly or weekly trash or recycling service plan. 

Our referral concept is simple.  Garbage Gurus needs you, whoever you are, to help spread the word, savings and love around Summit County.  Garbage Gurus will pay you for your knowledge of homeowners in Summit County. Refer family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, clients, customers, homeowners you rented from in the past, someone you meet in a bar, a rider you share a ski lift with, or more.  Referral payments are limited to ten referrals submitted through this form.  If you have more than ten referrals to share, please call Jeff, 970-485-5709.

In 3 easy steps you can pocket $20.  First, share the name and address of the homeowner and how you know them in the form below.  Be sure to include your full name and your mailing address to receive a paper check in the mail. 


Second, contact the homeowner and tell them about Garbage Gurus trash & recycling services in Summit County and advise them to sign up for service at


Third, when the homeowner you refer to Garbage Gurus begins using a trash or recycling service with Garbage Gurus, we will send you $20.

Lastly, please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, create a post about how you earned $20, and repost a link to the Garbage Gurus referral program for others to benefit.


It is a win-win-win.  You get $20.  Homeowners save on a commodity service they need.  Garbage Gurus gets a new happy customer.

Terms & Conditions:  To be eligible for a referral payment, Garbage Gurus must be receive written notification of the referral's contact information on the form below before the customer signs up for a monthly service plan.  Garbage Gurus will only pay one $20 referral fee per service address.  Being first matters.  By sharing your name and how you know the homeowner, you give Garbage Gurus authorization to disclose your connection to this referral to anyone who contacts Garbage Gurus with the same referral name and property address after you.  Further details will be shared with customers after they sign up for service.

Thank you for your support, care and concern for Summit County!

Thanks for submitting! Be sure to let your referral know that we’ll be contacting them.

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