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Junk, pile of garbage, dump run, junkman
clutter, junk, pile of garbage, dump run, junkman
clutter, junk, pile of garbage, dump run, junkman


Junk Removal & Clean-out Services in Summit County, Colorado

What is the Garbage Gurus Junk Removal & Clean-out Service?

Whether you're doing Spring cleaning or finally tackling a long avoided project, hire Garbage Gurus to waive a wand to revive your cluttered spaces and make unwanted items disappear.  Sure, you could grab a crowbar and jimmy junk into pieces to try to pile trash into your Subaru or Porche Cayenne for a dump run, but are the risks of tearing apart the interior of your vehicle or getting a nail or puncture in your tire at the landfill worth it?  If not, contact Garbage Gurus to make the process easier. 

In another era you may have entertained an estate, yard or garage sale, but in today's distracted & screen obsessed world you might not find the time and effort worth it.  Garbage Gurus will happily be your junkman extraordinaire and will manage the dump run for you.  Say goodbye to your overfilled garage, basement or attic and free up your spaces from boxes & junk that you haven't touched in five, ten, twenty years or longer. 

How does the Junk Removal & Clean-out Service work with Garbage Gurus?

Send us an email or a text or give us a call to let us know what you need Garbage Gurus to remove & where it needs to be removed from.  Pictures and detailed descriptions (such as, all stacked in the garage and ready to go, stairs involved, narrow walkway, etc.) help us provide more accurate quotes.  With proper notice and information such as, "this still works," we will remove items with different trucks and intentions of giving your unwanted items a second life through recycling streams or by donating to second hand stores.  

What may be removed with the Garbage Gurus Junk Removal & Clean-out Service?

Vacation Home Clean-out

If you bought a new vacation home furnished with old furniture you want nothing to do with, email us a list of what you need removed and we will make it disappear.


TVs & electronics 

Televisions, PCs, tablets, phones, laptops, notebooks, VCRs, DVDs, stereos, speakers, gaming systems, cords, surge protectors, Directv boxes, satellite receivers, modems, routers, media players, projectors, TV antennas & more.

Unwanted furniture

Couches, chairs, bed frames, end tables, dressers, loveseats, box springs, mattresses, coffee tables, dining room tables, lawn, outdoor or patio furniture, benches, bookcases, etc.  Whether you have one item or many you need removed, Garbage Gurus will help you out.

Boxes Filled with Junk & Who Knows What's Inside

How many years has that box sat untouched & how moves has that box been through?


Long term rental or tenant changeovers

Were "presents" left behind?  Contact us to remove the not-important-enough-to-move-out items.

Storage unit clean-outs 

Stop paying to store long ago forgotten, unneeded or mystery items.  Weed out the waste with Garbage Gurus today!

Office move outs

Desks, chairs, tables, shelving, filing cabinets, & more.


Microwaves, toasters, blenders, space heaters, dishwashers, grills, dryers, washing machines, stovetops, ovens, etc. 

Wood piles

Firewood, decking, fencing, & other wood waste.

Scrap metal

Aluminum siding, racks, bed frames, brass, cast iron, batteries, automotive parts, water heaters, etc.

Yard debris

Pine needles, grass clippings, weeds, sticks, branches, Christmas trees, & more.

Hoarder House Restoration

Garbage Gurus will donate and recycle items when possible.

How do I start?

Send us an email or a text or give us a call.  Pictures and detailed descriptions help us give more accurate quotes.

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