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Weekly, Biweekly or One-Time/ On-Demand Trash, Recycling & Food Scraps Services

for Locals or Vacation Homes & Short Term Rental (STR) Properties in Summit County, Colorado

First Thoughts

You are subjected to PAYT laws (mandated recycling, three strikes rule, and trash collection costs based on your cart size) only if your address appears in one of the search fields featured at Know PAYT.  If your address does not register or appear, then you are outside of the town limits and may order simplified trash only service or other Valet options available to Wider Summit County before June 1 or after June 1 at the respective links.

If your property sleeps 8 or more, you should use a 96-gallon cart and it would be advisable to have another cart as an overflow cart at the very least.  Carts may be purchased at the Garbage Gurus online store & will be delivered to you on the weekend after your order is received.

With monthly service plans, Garbage Gurus allows you to pause your service during the shoulder seasons or when you don't see the need for ongoing service.

The following scenarios based on trash pick ups needed per month game out and suggest ways to think about different Valet PAYT Service Plans. 


One (1) Pick up Per Month

Hands down you will be best served with an as-needed service, 1-Time Pick up.


Two (2) Trash Pick ups Per Month

1.  Monthly plans with biweekly pick ups will provide the greatest value especially if your trash volumes are on the low to moderate spectrum and you purely use the property as a vacation home for personal use. 

2.  A short term rental home that sleeps less than six (6) or that simply rents more infrequently may consider a monthly plan with biweekly service to avoid needing to schedule each and every pick up and may rely on 1-Time or On-Demand pick ups to fill in the gaps when extra bookings occur.

Three (3) Trash Pick ups Per Month

1.  Monthly plans with weekly trash pick ups, such as Valet PAYT+ ($153.40) may provide the greatest value even if you have one week unused. 2.  1-Time Pick ups may still be the preferred strategy hedging towards not getting three bookings.  For cost savings, you should consider a monthly plan, Valet Recycling+ ($49), to pair up with 1-Time Pick ups for your trash needs ($35 + $35 + $35).  Alternatively, you may schedule two 1-Time PAYT+ Pick ups ($70 + $35 + $70).  If you only land three bookings, you only pay a nominally higher amount that month.  However, if you attract bookings in four weeks, your 1-Time Pick up strategy will be more costly compared to a monthly plan with regularly scheduled weekly trash & biweekly recycling pick ups.

Four (4) Trash Pick ups Per Month

1.  Monthly plans with weekly pick ups are the recommended option.  

In-Between Guest's Bookings, On-Demand Is the Only Way to Go

1.  If you're convinced you need to remove all trash after each guest leaves your property and before another guest checks in, email Garbage Gurus your bookings and we will schedule On-Demand pick ups according to when your guest's reservation ends.

2.  If you're equally convinced that recycling must also be removed prior to another check-in, then plan on ordering or relying on us to schedule On-Demand PAYT+ options.

3.  If you're open minded to recycling being collected on a more affordable biweekly basis, then order the monthly plan with biweekly service for Valet Recycling+.  In this case, with each On-Demand trash pick up our drivers will also check your recycling cart for trash.  Note, Garbage Gurus will not service single-stream recycling at STR properties unless glass is collected separately from other recyclables.  If you or your property manager will handle removing glass on your own, then you may order Valet Single-Stream Recycling Only.

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