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New Valet Customer Setup

New Valet Customer Setup

Stickers, flyers & posters will be provided to smoothly implement new service at your property.  


(3) 6" x 9" Trash, Single-Stream & Glass stickers for cans, 1 each - These stickers will visually label each can to inform anyone using the cans as to the appropriate contents to be placed in each can.  For collection uniformity and effectiveness, a Garbage Gurus handler will place these stickers on your cans on the day of your first pickup, and by ordering this product you give the Garbage Gurus handler permission to do so.


(1) 11" x 13" How & When It Works sign - This poster is recommended to be posted in your garage near where the cans will be positioned as a reminder as to how & when the collections will take place.


(2) 8.5" x 11" Single-Stream & Glass-Only Recycling signs, 1 each - These signs are recommended to be posted in your garage near where your cans will be positioned to further inform anyone using the cans as to what is acceptable recycling in Summit County.


While this purchase will transmit a digital file to your email, this file, a digital copy of a physical file to be provided, is not intended for any use, may be ignored and is exclusively transmitted as a record of new customer accounts.

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